Professional Headshots

We offer professional headshots with a choice of indoor studio backdrop or natural outdoor setting.  For the indoor studio  we bring our studio set up to you setting up somewhere on your premises to make it quick and convenient for you and your staff.  We are also available to set up at conferences at local hotels and the convention center.  For more of a natural outdoor setting we will arrange to meet you at the location of your choice.  Photoshopping is included in pricing.


Natural Outdoor Setting                                                                                       $125.00 per person

Indoor Studio Setting                                                     1 to 5 people                $125.00 per person

                                                                                           6 to 10 people              $100.00 per person

                                                                                         11 to 25 people                $80.00 per person

                                                                                          26 or more people          $65.00 per person

Call for Group shot pricing.

(variety of backdrops to choose from)